Are Occupants Responsible For Blocked Drains

What Occurs If A Drain Remains Blocked

Most households have a clogged drain caused by their attitude of dumping refuse into the sink. Blocked Drains Edinburgh ( handles clogged drain requests within a day. Check out our website for more information on drain unclogging and cleaning.

Whos Liable For Closed Up Drains

It is as prudent and practical to know whether or not a broken or clogged up drain is your responsibility because sometimes, people assume responsibility of drains that were never theirs to fix, further blocked drain details by Blocked Drains Edinburgh (

Whats The Distinction Between A Drain And A Sewer?

Waster water from several properties are removed from the personal drains through a pipe beneath the ground called a sewer. The water company handles the sewer system and drains beyond your property. If there’s a problem with the drainage system, the property owner needs to be contacted and repairs initiated immediately.

If The Tenant  IsObligated To

The Landlord and tenant act has been updated to reflect on cases of retaliatory expulsions and harassment. If the repair work are so disruptive that the home is not fit for occupation, tenants might be asked to look for alternative lodging.

Confidential Tenants And Homeowners

Never hesitate to get in touch with your sewerage service provider should you have any concerns about the sewer system at all.