Are My Drains Blocked

How To Fix Blocked Pipes Due To Poor Drainage?

A slow running faucet is a sign of low water pressure or it’s probably a problem with the distribution system.

Strange Noise Coming From The Drains

Obstructed drains tend to emit foul/ unpleasant odours, further blocked drain details by Blocked Drains Suffolk ( This can be grease, soap, oil and food. As the food disintegrates, it can create an undesirable smell.

Positioning Drain Connections

Before you go through the hassle of owning a property, you should check whether or not it has the right drain linkage. When poor drain linkage is established, get an expert to rectify the problem by creating the ideal linkage. It’s important that sewage doesn’t seep into the channel dedicated to the surface water. You shouldn’t allow an occlusion of your plumbing system, else the flow of water through the drain is impeded.


Waste kitchen grease should be poured into a used-up container and dumped into the garbage bin rather than pouring it down your drain. It’s worth-mentioning that grease deposits are often found within the kitchen sink.


When a large cluster of debris falls in a sewer that just happens to be farther from the proximity of your property, then any repair, maintenance or repair isn’t an obligation of yours. Public utility providers are permitted to gain entry into your property to access the level of occlusion and keep the sewer flowing.

Sea Salt And Baking Soda Solution

Comparable to vinegar and baking soda, the addition of salt to your drains can help cause a chemical reaction that breaks down blockages, assisting them flush through your pipelines successfully. Mix half a cup of salt and baking soda and pour it down the drain. Leave it for 10-20 minutes to do its task and after that follow it with boiling water.

Cooking Soda And Vinegar

For lots of, this obstructed drain strategy is a simple option that truly works and by using components already in your home, it's a money-saver, too! Let the mixture sit for 2 hours or more to attain the best results. Flush with warm water.