Are Blocked Drains Landlords Responsibility

Snugged Drains

For example, blocked drains from sinks and showers are typically caused by an accumulation of hair. As a tenant, it is your duty to manage what you put your pipelines.

Whos Answerable For Blocked Drains

It is as prudent and practical to know whether a broken or clogged up drain is your responsibility or not as many times, people assume responsibility of drains that were never theirs to fix, further blocked drain details by Blocked Drains Leicester (

Requesting Your Sewerage Company To Take Over Or Resort To A Private Sewer Or Lateral Drain System

At times, a property might not be connected to a sewer but to a treatment plant, a septic system or a cesspool. In situations where the company decides against creating a fitting drain or sewer, property owners would be in the right to take the necessary action.

Most Renters Have Come Across Damp And Drainage Problems

Most of personal tenants have experienced problems with poor drainage... Contact us today to organize a call out, including our CCTV survey service. From here, the most cost-effective services will be suggested, to leave you with practical drains pipes quickly. Utilize your username and password to Login to MSE Forum Start posting on MoneySavingExpert Forum in minutes.

Inform Your Landlord Or Managing Agent Immediately

This is a genuine concern, and would be a practical factor to discuss the circumstance with the landlord prior to anyone takes any action.

If The Tenant  Is  Accountable

The landlord-tenant act has been enacted to control the numerous cases of vengeful expulsions and harassment. Tenants might have to look elsewhere for a living quarter if the repairs done are shoddy, making the property inhabitable.

What If The Fault Is In The Sewerage System?

All water and sewerage companies are mandated to offer public sewer services to ensure the location is efficiently drained pipes, no excuses.

Give Power To Tenants Reduce Calls

Stipulating drainage maintenance responsibilities in a lease agreement is a brilliant practice that streamlines a landlord's life while allowing tenants to learn a thing or two about doing things themselves.