Are Blocked Drains Covered By Your Home Insurance

Are You Experiencing A Blocked Drain?

Our standard home emergency insurance cover will take care of any unwholesome repair work that arise including from the underground drains or heating systems in your custody. And this will be done according to provided specifications and instructions. Most clogged drains are caused by the flushing of garbage including sanitary pads, food debris and others which should necessarily be thrown in the refuse bin.

Restoration To Drains

If your local drainage authority thinks your drain to be a little too small for a commercial or residential property, they may have you connect to a public sewer, further blocked drain details by Blocked Drains Birmingham (

Does Ehic Substitute Travel Insurance?

Get in touch with us if concerned about exactly what your insurance covers as Blocked Drains Birmingham ( has all the answers to whatever query you have regarding your insurance coverage.

Avert Frozen Pipes In Winter

Still, most drainage service providers are of the opinion that leaking pipes emanate from lack of maintenance, rather than an unintentional havoc. The challenge is often due to the outdated nature of the plumbing system with much of the components being obsolete. Some of the existing pipework in most buildings were decades ago in high demand, and despite the changes in plumbing procedure, these items still form the bedrock of most properties now. Regardless, it’s at the discretion of Blocked Drains Birmingham ( to decide if your demands are beyond our expertise and request that you make a decision based on what’s being offered.

Liberty To Connect To A Public Sewer

If you're uncertain whether your property is linked to a public sewage system or a private one, you can, All water and sewerage companies have a responsibility to offer public drains to ensure the area is successfully drained.